The Fun of Traveling to Legoland Malaysia

On this occasion, we will provide information about tourist attractions in Malaysia. One of the most famous tourist attractions in Malaysia is Legoland.

Legoland is a tourist place that has a theme about the world of Lego. In this place, we can see various types of Lego-shaped buildings. This place is perfect for those of you who like lego games.

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Legoland Malaysia was inaugurated on September 22, 2012, and is located in the economic area of ​​Iskandar Malaysia. For ticket price information, you can see it directly on the official Legoland Malaysia website.

There are several exciting rides that we can visit. The following are the most frequently visited rides when in Legoland Malaysia.

1. Lego Technique

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Lego Techniques contains a variety of exciting game rides such as:

• Twister technique

Technic twister is a rotating game ride that can be used by 1-4 people.

• Lego Racing

Lego race is a roller coaster ride with a maximum of 4 users.

• Aquazone Wave Racer

Aquazone Wave Racers is a boat-shaped rotating ride that is above the water. This ride can be used by 1 adult and 1 child.

2. Lego Kingdom

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Lego kingdom is a kingdom-themed place that has a variety of interesting rides such as:

        The Dragon

The Dragon is a roller coaster ride that can accommodate many visitors.

• Royal Joust

Here's a lego-shaped horse ride that can be used by 1 person. This vehicle is very suitable for use for children.

• Merlin Challenge

The Merlin Challenge is a merry-go-round ride in the shape of a lego train that can be used by 2 people.

3. Miniland

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Miniland is Lego miniatures from various famous places in the world. We can see various kinds of famous icons from various countries such as the Petronas Twin Towers, the Merlion Statue, the Taj Mahal, and various other famous icons.

4. Lego NinjaGo World

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Lego NinjaGo is a ride that has a NinjaGo theme, which is an animated TV series in the form of lego. In this vehicle, we can see various kinds of characters in the NinjaGo series.

5. Land of Adventure

If you want to adventure in the world of lego. Then you can visit various kinds of rides in the land of adventures such as Beetle Bounce, Lost Kingdom Adventure, and Dino Island. In addition, if you want to buy various kinds of souvenirs, you can come to Adventurer's Depot.

6. Lego city

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Lego city is highly recommended for children. Because there are various kinds of exciting games that can be played, such as Lego city airport, Lego city stage, Legoland express, Lego Rescue Academy, Driving school, and boating school.

7. Lego Imagination

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In Lego imagination, our imagination can play while learning and exercising our creativity. In this place, there are various kinds of rides such as Pizza Mania, Lego studios, Duplo play town, and a variety of interesting rides.

That's a variety of information about Legoland Malaysia. Hopefully, the information provided can inspire those of you who want to vacation in Malaysia. Thank you and happy holidays!

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