10 Fishing Gear and Their Functions

Fishing is an exciting activity that can be done with family or friends. For those of you who want to start fishing, you need to know some fishing equipment and their functions. Here we provide information about 10 Fishing gears and Their Functions.

1. Bait

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For fishing, we can use live bait or artificial bait. Artificial bait is an artificial bait in the form of fish that can attract the attention of the fish to be fished. While bait for living creatures is a bait consisting of living things such as worms, small fish, shrimp, and various other living things.

2. Hook

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A hook is a tool that serves to put the bait. Thus, the fish that eat the bait will be trapped and difficult to escape.

3. Fishing rod

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There are various types of fishing rods that you can consider. This tool is the most important tool for fishing because it serves to grip the hand, a place to put the fishing reel, and various functions. Without this tool, it is impossible for us to fish. Make sure to choose a quality fishing rod.

4. Fishing Reel

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The fishing reel serves as a place to store the fishing line. Anglers can pull the fishing line using a fishing reel if there are entangled fish.

5. Fishing line

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Fishing without a fishing line is impossible. Unless you catch fish using a net. The fishing line serves to connect the fishing rod with a hook which will later serve to attract entangled fish.

6. Fishing Float

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The fishing float serves to give a notification if there are fish that are entangled, the fishing float will move.

7. Fishing stopper

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Fishing stopper serves to stop the movement of fishing floats at a certain depth.

8. Fishing swivels

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Fishing swivel serves to ensure the fishing line is not tangled.

9. Fishing snap

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Fishing snap serves to connect the hook with the fishing line. In addition, Fishing snap has a function to connect fishing lines with fishing float.

10. Fishing weight

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The fishing weight functions as ballast when you throw bait at the fishing location. Generally, fishing weights are made of tin.

That's information about 10 Fishing Gear and Their Functions. Hopefully, the information provided can be useful for those of you who have plans for a vacation with fishing activities. Thank you and happy holidays!

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