10 best cities in Greece that you must visit

Greece is a country that has extraordinary architectural beauty. This country is located in the southern part of Europe, connecting directly with Turkey, Bulgaria, Macedonia, and Albania.

Here we recommend 10 cities in Greece with ordinary beauty.

1. Athens

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Athens is the capital of Greece, the city is the center of the economy, government, culture, and tourism of Greece. This city has various interesting tourist destinations such as the Acropolis of Athens, the Parthenon, the National Archaeological Museum, and others. The city of Athens has many historical buildings that still exist today.

2. Arachova

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Arachova is a city that has a mountainous area. For those of you who want to ski in Greece, you can visit this city because there are several favorite ski spots.

3. Metsovo

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Metsovo is a city located in the Pindus mountains in northern Greece. The city has several interesting historical sights to visit such as the Museum of Folk Art, Averoff Museum of Neohellenic Art, Anilio Ski Resort, and various other interesting sights.

4. Livadeia

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Livadeia is a city fed by the kyras springs. The rivers in this city are clear so that this city is an attraction for tourists. The city has several tourist attractions such as Piges Krias, Chaironeia archaeological museum, The Lion of Chaeronea, and others.

5. Lavreotiki

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This city has tourist attractions guided by the beauty of the sea and the beauty of the architecture of the building. You can visit several interesting places in this city such as Poseidon Temple, Kape Beach, Sounion Archaeological Site, and others. In addition, this city also has a restaurant with a very delicious seafood menu.

6. Ioannina

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Ioannina has a very beautiful city layout. Starting from neat city streets to buildings that have very beautiful architecture. Several tourist attractions are quite interesting in this city and around this city such as Lake Pamvotis, and various centuries-old historic buildings that still exist today.

7. Delphi

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Centuries ago, Delphi was a religious center and a symbol of unity in Greece. Lots of historical buildings still exist today. For tourist attractions are dominated by historical places such as the Temple of Apollo In Delphi, Delphi Archaeological Museum, Treasury of Athenians, and others.

8. Nafplio

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This city offers the beauty of neoclassical-style buildings that make you want to take pictures in every corner of this city. This city also faces directly to the sea so it has extraordinary beauty. There are various kinds of ancient buildings such as forts and medieval fortifications. You can visit various tourist attractions in this city such as Palamidi Fort, Bourtzi Castle, Nafplio Archaeological Museum, and various other interesting sights.

9. Parga

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The city of Parga is an ancient city located in Western Greece. The city is built on the hillside of Pezovolos and is surrounded by the beautiful blue sea. There are several tourist attractions that you must visit such as Lichnos beach, Sarakiniko Beach, Venetian Parga Castle, and many other interesting tourist attractions.

10. Kastoria

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Kastoria is located in Northern Greece. The city is surrounded by limestone mountains and has the beautiful lake Orestiada. This city is a relic of Rome which has an extraordinary history. You can visit several tourist attractions such as Lake Orestiada, Kastoria Byzantine Museum, Kastoria Folklore Museum (Nerantzis), and many other tourist attractions.

Those are some very interesting cities to visit if you intend to travel to Greece. Hopefully, the information provided is useful. Thank you and happy holidays!

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