10 countries with the cheapest travel costs

The cost of tourism in each country is, of course, different - different, there are countries with expensive travel costs and there are also countries with cheap travel costs.

We need to pay attention to financial expenses if we want to travel to a place. Because there are various things that are needed to travel to a tourist place.

Here we recommend 10 countries with cheap travel costs:

1. Cambodia

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Cambodia is a country in Southeast Asia and is directly bordered by Vietnam, Thailand, and Laos. This country has cheap travel costs and a variety of attractive tourist destinations.

The cheapest accommodation in the country ranges from 4$ - 20$ per person for 1 night depending on location and facilities. The cost of food is also very cheap ranging from 1$ - 4$. The most visited tourist spot in Cambodia is Angkor Wat.

2. Vietnam

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Vietnam is located in Southeast Asia and is directly bordered by Laos, Thailand, and China. For those of you who want to travel in the Southeast Asian region at a low price, you can visit Vietnam.

The cheapest lodging costs range from 5$ - 19$ per person for 1 night. For culinary, you can enjoy local culinary with prices ranging from 1$ - 5$.

3. India

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This country that is familiar with the Bollywood film industry is also a country that has cheap travel costs. For lodging, you only need to spend money starting from 17 $ per person for 1 night.

You can also enjoy Indian specialties such as Pani puri, Naan, Laddu, and others with prices starting from $2. The most popular tourist destination in the country is the Taj Mahal.

4. Honduras

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Honduras is a country located in Central America. This country has very beautiful beach tourism. The price of lodging in this country starts from 21 $ per person for 1 night. Food costs in Honduras from $7 per serving.

5. Sri Lanka

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Sri Lanka is an island nation located in South Asia and directly borders with India. There are so many interesting tourist attractions in this country, especially the very beautiful coastal areas.

You can stay in this country with accommodation prices starting from 17$ per person for 1 night. Apart from that, you can also rent a car to get around the country with prices starting from 50$.

6. Bolivia

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Bolivia is a country located in the South American continent. The unique thing about bolivia is the geographical location of the city which is in the highlands and surrounded by mountains.

If you visit this country you only need to spend money to stay around 17$ per person for 1 night. You can also enjoy Bolivian specialties such as SalteƱas, Sajta, Pique Macho, and other specialties. The food is usually sold for more than 3$.

7. Hungary

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Hungary is a country located on the European continent which is directly adjacent to Austria, Slovenia, Romania and Slovakia.. Not all countries in Europe have expensive travel costs. You can enjoy the view of typical European architecture. The cheapest lodging costs start from 17$ per person for 1 night.

8. Dominican Republic

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The Dominican Republic is an island nation located in the Caribbean Sea archipelago, Central America. This country has very beautiful beaches and sea. To travel in this country, you only need to prepare 35$ per day for lodging, food, and travel expenses.

9. Indonesia

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Indonesia is a tropical archipelagic country in Southeast Asia. The most famous tourist destination of this country is Bali which has extraordinary natural beauty, especially its beaches. Accommodation prices in various tourist attractions in Indonesia start from 8$ and for local culinary starting from 1$. In addition, the Indonesian people are known to be very friendly.

10. Laos

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Laos is also one of the countries located in Southeast Asia. This country has a very distinctive architectural form with Buddhist nuances. You can visit various tourist attractions such as Buddha Park, Vat that Khao, setthathirath, and other interesting sights. For lodging costs starting from 5$ and for meals starting from 2$.

Those are some of the countries with the cheapest travel costs. We hope that the information we provide can help you in choosing a tourist destination. Thank you and happy holidays!

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