Tips for enjoying Christmas at home with your family

Soon Christmas and New Year's holidays will arrive. However, the pandemic case is not over yet and COVID-19 is still a threat to us. In particular, new, more dangerous variants of COVID-19 such as omicron, delta, alpha, and others.

Governments from various countries anticipate increasing cases of COVID-19. Various tourist attractions have also tightened health protocols to anticipate an increase in COVID-19 cases.

There are various options for enjoying the Christmas and New Year holidays. One option is to relax with family at home. Even though we are at home, we can still celebrate the excitement of Christmas in the following ways.

1. Decorating the house

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This is one of the routine activities of various families to welcome the Christmas celebration. You can buy various Christmas accessories at various shopping centers or nearby accessories stores. We can see various examples of decorative designs on the internet.

2. Preparing christmas gifts

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One of the things that children really look forward to is gifts at the time of Christmas celebration. As adults, we can prepare some gifts from the previous day. It aims to surprise the children.

3. Make christmas greeting cards

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Greeting cards can be made using writing containing words of Christmas celebration and distributed to family or closest relatives. In addition, we can also create celebration cards by editing our family photos and then sharing them on social media.

4. Create a Fun Game

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Put down your smartphone for a moment, start activities with your family by making various games or challenges together. It aims to increase a sense of kinship and increase family cohesiveness. You can try various games such as monopoly games, uno stacko, uno card, and others.      

5. Share stories with family

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Christmas is the right moment to be closer to family. Often, work or other activities keep us away from family. Therefore, take this opportunity to share stories with your family.

6. Photo with family

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Capture the momentum of Christmas with your family. You can create an annual Christmas photo album to capture this Christmas moment with your family. Although it sounds trivial, this is very important to become a memory.

7. Make christmas cookies

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We can buy cookies at the nearest cookies shop. However, there is nothing wrong with trying to make our own Christmas cookies. There are so many different cookies recipes that we can try available on the internet. We can provide materials and buy Christmas-themed cookies molds.

8. Watch movies together

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Lots of good films are available at Christmas, many TV stations provide Christmas-themed films such as Home Alone, The Polar Express, The Christmas Chronicles, and others. You can also watch various exciting movies from various digital streaming media services.

9. Wearing a christmas costume

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We can use Christmas costumes to enliven the Christmas celebration. The use of Christmas costumes can also increase cohesiveness and unforgettable memories for the family.

10. Do video conferencing

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The pandemic still exists today, we can do video conferences with our extended family or friends to wish me a Merry Christmas or just communicate.

Those are some tips to enjoy Christmas at home with family. May this Christmas we always spread love and love among people. Thank you and Merry Christmas!

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