10 Interesting Activities While Camping

Previously we have discussed 10 Equipment That Must BeBring When Camping. On this occasion, we will provide information about 10 interesting activity ideas that can be done while camping.

1. Make a bonfire

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The activity most often done by campers is making bonfires. Campfires in camping have various kinds such as: cooking food, providing warmth, and protecting oneself from wild animals.

To make an easy campfire, you only need a few supplies such as dry wood, dry leaves, straw, or various dry plants around, and a lighter. Make sure to arrange the materials correctly and provide a safe distance from the tent.

2. Cooking together

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Camping is generally done together with family or friends. This can be an opportunity to increase togetherness by cooking together. We can do barbeque parties, roast corn, roast marshmallows, and other delicious food.

3. Sing together

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We can get rid of the loneliness of the location by singing with friends or family. It is recommended that if you want to bring a musical instrument, bring a simple musical instrument such as a guitar, so that it is not a hassle if you want to store the instrument.

4. Tour the location

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Locations are very diverse such as mountainous areas, hills, forests, and various other locations. Camping locations generally have a beautiful natural scenery. Therefore, we can see the beautiful natural scenery by walking around tourist sites. It should be noted that you are always on guard with friends or family if you want to go around the location because you have to always take care of the items at the campsite.

5. Take pictures

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Bring some photography equipment to capture the best moments, because the natural scenery is very beautiful and time together with family or friends is rare for camping together. If you don't have a camera, you can also use a smartphone.

6. Make a group game

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Create games with family or friends to increase togetherness such as playing hide and seek, playing ball, playing cards, and various other games.

7. Fishing

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Fishing activities can be done for those of you who choose a location close to a river or lake. This activity is very fitting to do from morning to evening. The caught fish can be brought to be cooked together at the location.

8. Swimming

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If your location is close to the water, swimming can be a fun activity to do. It should be noted before checking around the water area is it safe to do swimming activities?.

9. Painting

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For those of you who have a hobby of painting and need inspiration about what you want to paint, maybe with camping activities creative ideas will enter your mind.

10. Telling stories together

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This is the right moment because we don't have much time with friends or family so when we do have time with them don't waste the moment.

That's information about 10 interesting activities that can be done while camping. Hopefully, the information provided is useful for those of you who want to camp. Thank you and happy holidays!

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