10 Equipment You Should Bring When Camping

Camping is an outdoor recreational activity. Generally, this activity is done with friends or family. Camping activities can be an inspiration for those of you who want to vacation with friends and outdoors such as mountains, forests, beaches, and various other places. On this occasion, we will give advice on what equipment to bring when you want to go camping.

1. Tent

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The things that we bring with us when we want to go camping are. Tents are widely sold in sales supply stores and online stores. To buy a tent, make sure the material, model, and size match your needs so that camping activities can be carried out comfortably.

2. Portable stove

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For those of you who want to stay for a long time such as more than 1 night. So it is advisable to bring a portable stove to cook a variety of foods. Because I was worried that it would be far from the surrounding restaurants. When using a portable stove, you need to be careful and keep it out of the reach of children.

3. Foodstuffs

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Prepare a variety of practical and nutritious food and drinks. Make sure the food and drinks meet the needs during the activity.

4. Cooking and eating utensils

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There are many cooking and eating utensils for camping that are sold in the market. We just pick and choose. generally made of iron or wood. Make sure this equipment is not left behind because it is very important.

5. Jacket and change of clothes

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Bring enough clothes and jackets because our location has a fairly cold temperature. Make sure the clothes fit the time so that there is no shortage of clothes to wear.

6. Sleeping bag

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Sleeping Bags have various functions such as keeping the body from cold, keeping the body from temperature, and various other functions. Therefore, when camping, try to bring a sleeping bag. Make sure the sleeping bag is dry and clean.

7. Mattress

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Mats can be used inside tents because the ground surface of the campsite is usually uneven or rocky. The use of a mattress so that we are more comfortable in resting in a tent.

8. Flashlight or Lantern

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Don't forget the lighting! Flashlights or lanterns have great benefits at night. Because the location generally has no lighting other than a bonfire, moonlight, and stars. Make sure the flashlight battery you carry is fully charged and can be used.

9. Powerbank

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Don't forget the power bank because it can be a resource for your smartphone. In addition, it can also be used as a resource to charge the sender. Make sure to fully charge the power tub before leaving for camping.

10. Health equipment

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Make sure your body is in good health before camping. However, we need to anticipate the worst by bringing health equipment.

That's 10 equipment that you must bring when you want to camp. Hopefully, the information provided can be useful. Thank you and happy holidays!

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