Top 5 tourist attractions in Kiribati

Kiribati is an archipelagic country located in Oceania. This country has an area of ​​about 811 km². There are several unique things from the country of Kiribati such as:

• The country of Kiribati became the first place in the world to see the sunrise for the first time. Because this country has a geographical location that is in the easternmost part of the earth, precisely near the International Date Line.

• The capital city of Kiribati is called Tarawa, which is located on a small island. If measured, this island is in the middle between Hawaii and Australia.

• Since 1999, many small islands in Kiribati have been submerged and lost. Even due to global warming and rising sea levels, the country of Kiribati may be uninhabitable due to drowning.

• The country of Kiribati has a protected marine reserve and is the largest in the world, namely the Phoenix Island Preserve. The nature reserve is home to 120 species of coral plants and more than 500 species of fish.

• Located near the International Date Line, the country of Kiribati became the first country in the world to celebrate the first new year.

Kiribati has a variety of interesting tourist destinations. On this occasion, we will discuss the 5 most popular tourist destinations in Kiribati.

1. Tarawa

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Tarawa is a city in Kiribati. The city has an area of ​​about 31.02 km² and is located in the island group of the Gilbert archipelago. This island is famous for its history during the 2nd world war between the United States Army and the Japanese army. This city is an island city surrounded by a very beautiful light blue sea. There are various kinds of facilities in this city such as lodging, restaurants, and various other facilities. The tourists can also learn the culture of the local community. No need to worry, the people in the city of Tarawa are very friendly.

2. Butaritari

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Butaritari is an atoll with an area of ​​about 13.49 km². This island has an environment of trees, white sand beaches, clean environment. Tourists can do various interesting activities in this place such as swimming, snorkeling, and learning the history of world war 2.

3. Tamana Island

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Tamana Island is the smallest island of the Gilbert archipelago with an area of ​​about 4.73 km2. To get to this island, tourists can use a boat. Although this island is the smallest island, some local people live on this island. The tourists can socialize with the surrounding community.

4. Kirimati

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Kirimati is also commonly referred to as Christmas Island. Kirimati is an archipelago that is part of the Line archipelago. This island has an area of ​​about 38,839 km2. This island is a very good place for tourists to fish because it has a clean and very well-maintained marine environment.

5. Tabuaeran Island

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Tabuaeran Island is also commonly known as Fanning Island. The island has an area of ​​about 33.7 km² and has the capital city Napari in the northwest. Generally, tourists use sea transportation to visit this island, such as cruise ships. This island has a beautiful blue sea with calm seawater and soft white sand.

Those are the 5 most popular tourist destinations in Kiribati. Hopefully, the information provided can help those of you who want to travel to Kiribati. Thank you and happy holidays!

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