10 best cities to travel in Australia

Australia has many beautiful cities and is a great destination for tourism. Cities in Australia have very supportive facilities for the tourism sector. Here are the 10 best cities to visit in Australia:

1. Sydney

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The city of Sydney has various iconic and world-famous tourist attractions such as the Sydney opera house, the Blue Mountains, the Sydney Aquarium, and various other tourist attractions. There are many tour packages to the city of Sydney available. Visitors can use tour packages to get around with a tour guide. In this city, there are also lots of varied lodging options and there are restaurants or street food that tourists can try.

2. Darwin

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Darwin is the capital of the northernmost state of Australia. The city of Darwin has an area of ​​about 3,163.8 km2. Darwin has a variety of tourist destinations ranging from beaches, botanical gardens, museums, and aboriginal history. The tourists can do various interesting activities in the city of darwin. The city of Darwin has been the home of Aboriginal people for many years.

3. Perth

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Perth is the capital city of the state of Western Australia. This city is a modern city, clean, and has neat urban planning. This city is perfect for making a tourist destination when you visit Australia. This city has various tourist destinations such as beaches, museums, city parks, and various other places. The tourists also don't need to worry about choosing food and lodging. Because in this city there are lots of great restaurants with delicious dishes and various kinds of lodging.

4. Hobart

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Hobart is the capital city of the state of Tasmania. The city is located on the shores of the Derwent River. Hobart has many interesting places to visit such as historical buildings, art galleries, famous restaurants, and many other interesting places. Hobart is perfect for those of you who like nature tourism because the city is not far from forests and various national parks that have a natural environment that is still preserved.

5. Melbourne

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Melbourne is one of the most populous cities in Australia located in the state of Victoria. Even though this city is the most populous city, this city still has a beautiful urban layout. This city is known as the city of art. Because there are various kinds of interesting art in this city. The tourists can see the beautiful paintings in several locations that describe the street art of the city. In addition, tourists can enjoy a variety of street food and very delicious coffee shops.

6. Brisbane

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Brisbane is also one of the most populous cities in Australia located in the state of Queensland. This city has a location around the Brisbane river with a very beautiful city layout. There are many things that tourists can do in this city such as walking around the city, enjoying the beauty of art at the Queensland Art Gallery, cycling around the city, seeing koalas at Lone Pine, and various other exciting activities.

7. Gold Coast

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Gold Coast is a city located on the coast of the state of Queensland. This city has a very beautiful view, the combination of buildings with beach views makes this city special. The Gold Coast has a long coastline of about 60km. There are various tourist attractions such as surfing areas, bars, rollercoasters, mangrove forests, and other tourist attractions.

8. Cairns

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Cairns is a city located in the state of Queensland. The city is famous for its marine tourism and rainforests. So that makes this city very suitable for tourists who like nature tourism. There are several tourist sites in this city that must be visited such as Fitzroy Island, Barron Falls, Cairns Aquarium, and various other beautiful places.

9. Adelaide

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Adelaide is the capital city of the state of South Australia. The city is famous for its historical museums and local vineyards. Some of the best tourist attractions in the city of Adelaide include the Adelaide Zoological Gardens, South Australian Museum, National Wine Center of Australia, and many other best tourist attractions.

10. Canberra

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Canberra is the capital city of Australia. The city is the seat of the Australian government. Canberra has a neat city layout, a clean environment, and an interesting city to visit. The city has several museums, art galleries, monuments, urban jungle, coffee shops, restaurants, and several other beautiful places.

Those are the 10 best cities to visit when you want to travel to Australia. Hopefully, the information provided can inspire those of you who want to travel to Australia. Thank you and happy holidays!

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