10 most beautiful mountains in Peru

Peru is a country on the South American continent. Peru has a variety of beautiful tourist destinations that you must visit. One example is a very beautiful mountainous region. On this occasion, we will discuss the most beautiful mountains in Peru.

1. Huascarán

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Huascarán is a very beautiful mountain and has a very cold temperature. This mountain has a height of about 6768m. To get to these mountains it is recommended to use a tour package that includes a guide fee. Because to make it easier to pass the climbing route and rent tools for climbing. The top of this mountain is generally covered by snow. Therefore, every tourist is expected to bring sufficient equipment to avoid hypothermia.

2. Nevado Auzangate

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Nevado Auzangate has a peak with a height of 6,384m. At this tourist location, you can rent several horses to get around, because in some locations there are horse rental places. You can also stay by camping and make sure to prepare everything completely. Make sure your body condition is in good condition because the weather at night is very cold.

3. Salcantay

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Salcantay is a mountain that has a height of about 6,271m. To enjoy the beautiful scenery and maximum adventure, you are advised to prepare for about 4 days to stay. There are various facilities for climbers such as toilets and rest areas. This tourist destination also provides professional guides to guide tourists to the top.

4. Huandoy

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Huandoy is a mountain range located in Huascarán National Park. Huandoy has a height of about 6,395 m with a beautiful snow-capped peak. Huandoy has several spaces for dining and recreation, it is a pleasant and peaceful place where children can play and have lunch comfortably. At the foot of this mountain are the famous lakes of Shinankocha and Orkonkocha (Langanko Lakes).

5. Huayna Picchu

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Huayna Picchu is a mountain that contains the ruins of an ancient city that became a symbol of the Inca empire. This place is very iconic and you must visit if you travel to Peru. These mountains have a very beautiful view. To climb to this tourist spot, tourists must be careful because there are ancient stairs that are quite steep. The climb to the top of the ruins of this ancient city is very tiring, but the fatigue will be paid off with extraordinary natural beauty.

6. Alpamayo

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Alpamayo is an iceberg in Peru that has a height of about 5,947m. To visit these mountains, tourists must prepare special equipment for iceberg climbers such as trekking sticks, boots, crampons, and so on. We recommend that you pay attention to the weather around the location and choose the right itinerary. Prepare a strong physique and complete equipment, in addition, if there is a tour guide. It is recommended to use the services of a tour guide who already understands the mountain route.

7. Pukamuqu

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Pukamuqu is a mountain range located in the city of Cusco, Peru. These mountains have a height of 3,600m. At the top of these mountains are Cusco Archaeological Sites, highly recommended for the great history and rich culture they give us, magical place, ideal to go as a couple or family, to take photos, see the sunset and we can also see the beautiful Cusco city view.

8. Coropuna

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Coropuna is a volcano that has a height of 6,377m and is part of the Andes Mountains. The mountains are beautiful everywhere you look, impressive, full of stories that further enhance the presence and friendliness of the locals. In the snow season of the mountains of Coropuna, the climbing terrain is very difficult to reach the peak but it is all worth it, it is worth it even live itself and even more so when existence becomes one with the mountain and the Universe.

9. Mismi

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Many studies or sources mention that the Mismis mountains are the farthest source from the Amazon river. This is very surprising because the Amazon river is located in Brazil while the Mismi is located in Peru. There are various tour agents that provide holiday packages to the Mismi Mountains at a cost of around $478 per person.

10. Artesonraju

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Artesonraju is a mountain that is very iconic for one of the film companies, namely Paramount Pictures. Artesonraju has mountains that have a height of about 6,025 m. You can visit this location to hike, take pictures and stay overnight. In these mountains, there are several resting posts for climbers.

Those are some recommendations for beautiful mountains in Peru, hopefully, they will be useful for those of you who want to travel to Peru. Thank you and happy holidays!

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