10 most beautiful mountains in Australia

Australia has various kinds of extraordinary natural beauty, one of which is the very beautiful mountains. If you want to travel to Australia and enjoy the beauty of the mountains then you must know the various kinds of the most beautiful mountains in Australia.

On this occasion, we will discuss some of the most beautiful mountains in Australia.

1. Mount Kosciuszko

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Mount Kosciuszko is 216 from the city of Canberra and takes about 3 hours by car. This tourist spot has a variety of facilities that are very helpful for tourists such as toilets, notice boards, chair lifts, and various other facilities. When you visit this mountain, you must pay attention to the seasons. Because Mount Kosciuszko is famous for its 2 seasons, namely winter and summer. You have to look for detailed information and prepare various climbing equipment preparations.

2. Kata Tjuta (Mount Olga)

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Kata Tjuta is a mountain consisting of ancient red rocks. The location of these mountains is located in the middle of the Australian continent. To reach this location you can use a plane and land at Ayers rock-Yulara airport, then continue the journey by car. Don't forget to pack some good shoes for this trip.

3. The Blue Mountains

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The Blue Mountains have extraordinary natural beauty. There are various kinds of natural beauty such as rivers, waterfalls, cliffs, wilderness, valleys, and various very beautiful places. This tourist spot provides several public transportations such as trains and buses. Getting to this location if from the city of Sydney takes about 1.5 hours to 3 hours.

4. Mount Hotham

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Mount Hotham has various seasons such as winter, winter, summer, and autumn. Especially in the snow season, you can ski in mountainous areas. Mount Hotham enters the winter season from June to August. This tourist spot also has shuttle bus transportation facilities. Getting to this location takes about 4-5 hours from the city of Melbourne.

5. Feathertop Mountain

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Generally, tourists climb to the top of Mount Feathertop in spring or summer. Care should be taken to prepare some climbing equipment and ensure health conditions. At the top of the mountain, tourists usually camp and enjoy the beautiful scenery, especially seeing the sunrise and sunset.

6. Flinders Range

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The Flinders Range is located in southern Australia. To get to this location you need about 5 hours from the city of Adelaide. The Flinders Range is located in the Australian outback where Aboriginal people have lived for many years. You can enjoy various entertainments in these mountains such as learning about the history of ancient indigenous tribes, cycling, seeing the surrounding scenery by plane, and various other interesting entertainments.

7. Macdonnell  Range

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The Macdonnell Ranges are located in northern Australia. To get to this location you only need 1 hour from the city of Alice springs. The Macdonnell Ranges are mountains in a remote location. However, you will not regret it if you visit these places. There is a canyon hidden among ancient rocks that you can visit for a swim.

8. Bogong Mountain

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Mount Bogong is an Alps Mountains located in the region of Victoria, Australia. This mountain is one of Australia's favorite mountains to visit. Tourists generally make the climb to reach the peak usually takes about 9 hours of climbing depending on the rest time of each visitor. Make sure we provide sufficient supplies. Mount Bogong has various facilities that support climbers such as toilets, resting huts, and other facilities. Tourists need to be careful if there is fog during the climb. Because the fog causes limited visibility.

9. Mount Ngungun

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To get to the location of Mount Ngungun we need about 1 hour from the city of Brisbane. When you are at the top of Mount Ngungun you can see the surrounding scenery which is very beautiful. The route to the top consists of trails and through forests. Make sure you bring enough gear and don't forget insect repellent.

10. Mount Wellington

img source : commons.wikimedia.org
Mount Wellington is located on the island of Tasmania and 17.1 km from the city of Hobart or about 30 minutes drive. If you want to visit Wellington Mountain make sure to bring warm clothes because this mountain has very cold temperatures, especially in winter. To get to the top you can use the bus facilities that have been provided.

This is information about the 10 most beautiful mountains in Australia. Hopefully, the information provided can help you in determining a tourist destination in Australia. Thank you and happy holidays! 

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