5 recommended tourist spot on Uruguay

Uruguay is a country located on the American continent, more precisely in South America. We need to know that Uruguay only has a population of about 3.5 million people.When you visit Uruguay, you will find many unique things that we cannot find in other countries.

The center of the nation's capital is Montevideo where the majority of the population speaks Spanish and Portuguese. The currency used as an exchange rate in this country is the Uruguayan Peso. Uruguay is a paradise for beautiful fish and stunning coastal views. In addition, Uruguay also has a natural area. There we can find hot air in Uruguay which is commonly used for health therapy. While in Uruguay we can find many small towns rich in colonial landscapes in the early days of the nation.

In general, developing countries in the Americas have traditions that are not much different. Likewise, Uruguay has cultural values ​​and traditions with Argentina. In addition, the language used by the two countries is also the same. The people of Uruguay are very fond of dancing to the accompaniment of Folk, Polkas, Waltzes, and Tango. A typical Uruguayan dish is Steak Parilla which is usually served with tea or Mate. As, you should know the ins and outs of the tourist attractions or objects of the country, right? Here are some interesting and popular tourist attractions in Uruguay:

1. Uruguay Capital City, Montevideo

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Uruguay City Center, Montevideo Uruguay has a capital city that can be used as a tourist destination by local and foreign tourists. The city of Montevideo is the city center of Uruguay which is famous for its good level of cleanliness and comfort. With a row of buildings or buildings that have classic nuances but still look sturdy even though they are eaten by age. We can enjoy the scenery that is so organized that things like that are also not found on the streets of this city.

In the city of Montevideo, we can tour museums or historical places, Mount Montevideo, beautiful beaches, and shop for souvenirs at available outlets. We can see the remains of colonial-era forts in historical places of Uruguay. Montevideo is a city center that has an architectural heritage and serves as the economic center of Uruguay. In this city, we can visit Fabini Plaza which leads to Libertador Avenue. There we can enjoy magnificent architectural works but with classic nuances.

Next, we can visit the remaining forts of the colonial era at Plaza Independencia. We do not need to use a vehicle to Plaza Independencia if our position is on the Montevideo Esplanade. This is because the distance between the two is not too far and can be reached by a short walk. This Esplanade is one of the districts in the seaside city and includes Ramirez Beach. Where the place is home to Mercosur, the headquarters of the positions, as well as several similar communities. For now, Carrasco Airport has even been built which can contribute to Montevideo. This even makes the city of Montevideo a city that has a city and a fairly high quality of life in mainland Latin America.

2. La Escollera

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La Escollera Tourist destinations in Uruguay are the next interesting country that is La Escollera. This tourist spot is one of the tourist attractions that we must visit when in Uruguay. Even La Escollera is also a beach tourist destination that has the highest number of visitors. In addition, this tourist spot has the title of the best beach resort in Montevideo.

We can enjoy beautiful beach views at a cost that is not too high. If you are a fishing lover, La Escollera is the right tourist destination for you to visit. La Escollera itself is a paradise for fishing lovers. Usually, people who visit there will bring adequate fishing equipment. But for those of you who are not fond of the world of fishing, of course, La Escollera also has a tourist side

3. Atlantic Coast

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Uruguay's Atlantic coast is a country that has many beautiful beaches that can be used as tourist destinations. Although the Atlantic coast of Uruguay has not been exploited and developed like other beaches, it has natural beauty. The Atlantic coast has even become a source of beach tourism in Uruguay. Most of the beaches can be found at the Rocha State offices. The location of the place covers the easternmost region of Uruguay's Atlantic coast.

There we can find tourist destinations that cover the lives of coastal communities from Cabo Polonio, La Paloma to Punta Del Diablo. The three types of coastal communities in Uruguay can be used as tourist destinations that include the traditions and lifestyles of coastal communities. By the 1990s, coastal communities in Uruguay had attracted both local and foreign tourists.

4. Laguna Del Sauce

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Laguna Del SauceUruguay is not only famous for its rows of old buildings that line up neatly in the urban center alone, but we can see the other side of Uruguay in a different nuance. The natural feel of the countryside in the interior of Uruguay has become the center of attention of tourists lately. We can find ports along the Uruguay river starting from Salto, Fray Bentos, and Paysandu. Tourists can see firsthand the activities of the inland community and take a boat specially provided to explore Uruguay's nature. We can even while fishing along the river while enjoying the view on the boat.

The number of visitors to Laguna Del Sauce is increasing from year to year. This is because of the value and popularity of tourist destinations that are intensively carried out by the government. Therefore, the vast expanse outside the Bandar area to the west end also experiences an increase in the number of tourists every year. Several natural reservoirs or lakes such as Laguna Del Sos are also the targets of visits when in Uruguay. Laguna Del So itself is one of the most popular tourist attractions for anglers and windsurfers. Meanwhile, paddle sports lovers will usually prefer to visit Uruguay Rio Negro. There are actually many other rural and river tourist attractions, but the level of popularity has not increased.

Uruguayan inland people generally have a livelihood as farmers or ranchers. Therefore, we can see the expanse of agriculture and animal husbandry open to local and foreign tourists who visit. Even the expanse of fields that were previously only used as livestock and agricultural land by the surrounding community, now several inns and restaurants have been built that make it easier for tourists. In general, restaurants in Uruguay serve foods derived from processed milk such as cheese, meat, and even wine. The wine industry in Uruguay is a benchmark for developing countries that are also pursuing the wine industry. Local and foreign tourists can enjoy views of the pristine rural interior. In addition to tourists, experts who visit Uruguay are also interested in conducting research or research there.

5. Punta Del Este (Uruguay Riviera Ruta)

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Punta Del Este (Queen of the Uruguayan Riviera) Uruguay is a country that has a reputation for good beach tourism. We can find the Uruguay Department of Malnanado which is used as an information center for tourists who are hunting for the feel of beaches in Uruguay. Some of the famous beaches in Uruguay are Piriapolis, Punta Colorada, Isla de Lobos and Punta Del Este. Among the four beach tourism destinations in Uruguay, the place that has the highest level of popularity is Punta Del Este. Where this beach has undergone an overhaul and was developed by the Uruguayan coast of Bandar.

Since 1896, Punta Del Este has developed a botanical garden owned by Antonio Lussich and Punta Del Este Host which is increasingly attracting interest. Even, for now, the number of visitors to Punta Del Este in the summer could reach one million visitors. When we visit this place in the summer, from December to February, we will find crowds there.

In Uruguay, we can also find the most popular flower there, namely Caspueblo which is near the statue of Carloz Paez Vilaro. Various hotels and studios there can provide space for us to choose a place to stay according to the type of facilities that will be obtained later. In addition, Punta Ballena has also become a recommended tourist spot for local and foreign destinations because of its fame.

This is information that discusses 5 recommended tourist spots on Uruguay. We hope that this information can be used as a consideration for your trip, hopefully it will be useful and happy holidays!

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