10 recommended tourist spots on Norfolk island

Norfolk Island is a dependent and autonomous region located in the Oceania region which is between Australia and New Zealand. On this occasion, we will provide 10 recommendations for tourist attractions on the island of Norfolk.

1. Norfolk Island National Park

img source : nationalparks.nsw.gov.au

Norfolk Island National Park offers tours of unspoiled and preserved natural beauty. In this national park, there is a botanical garden that has various types of plants. In the botanical garden, there is also a Discovery Center which serves as a tourist information center about the island of Norfolk.

In addition, you can travel on foot in the national park through the path that has been provided. You can find various species of birds in the national park.

2. Emily Bay

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You can enjoy the beautiful beach at Emily Bay. Emily Bay has a natural environment, with light blue sea water and white sand beaches. You can do diving tours in Emily Bay.

3. Slaughter Bay

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Slaughter Bay is adjacent to Emily bay. Slaughter Bay has a beautiful beach that is similar to Emily bay. You can also dive in Slaughter Bay.

4. St Barnabas Chapel        

img source : commons.wikimedia.org

St Barnabas Chapel is a historic church in the Norfolk Islands. This church was built in the 19th century and still stands strong today. The church is open every week starting at 09.00 local times, except for the first Sunday of each month.

5. Pier store Museum

img source : mapio.net

This museum contains historical items that explain the origins of Norfolk Island and the arrival of Europeans to the island. You can enter the museum to learn about the history of Norfolk Island.

6. Mount Pitt

img source : commons.wikimedia.org

Mount Pitt offers beautiful views of the mountainous terrain. You can see most of the beauty of Norfolk Island from Mount Pitt.

7. Captain Cook Lookout

img source : commons.wikimedia.org

You can see views of the coast of Norfolk Island from the Captain Cook Lookout. In this place, there is also a picnic area and facilities such as a dining table, photo spots, clean toilets, and other facilities.

8. Queen Elizabeth Lookout

img source : commons.wikimedia.org

Queen Elizabeth Lookout has great views of the beautiful beach and the Kingston area on Norfolk Island. If the day is clear then you can see the island from Norfolk Island. Also, this is one of the must-visit places when you are on Norfolk Island.

9. No 10 Quality Row House Museum

img source : norfolkislandmuseum.com.au

This museum will bring tourists to feel the era of 1844. Because the museum contains items from ancient times, but these items are still very well preserved today.

10. The Hilli Goat

img source : unsplash

The Hilli Goat is a goat farm tour located on the island of Norfolk. You can learn about goat farming there. Besides that, you can also order very delicious lunch.

This is information that discusses 10 recommended tourist spots on norfolk island. We hope that this information can be used as a consideration for your trip, hopefully it will be useful and happy holidays!

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