5 of the most beautiful national parks in Norway

Norway, which is one of the European countries known for its progress, and has a disciplined population, because this country has a very low crime rate, no doubt makes many tourists feel safe when on vacation to this beautiful country.

Not only that, Norway, which has the capital city of Oslo, has several very interesting tourist attractions for you to visit, such as the Norwegian National Park, which is definitely preserving it because this country really cares about protecting it, here are 5 Norwegian National Parks that have enchanting beauty.

1. Hallingskarvet National Park

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Hallingskarvet National Park, which is located in the center of Norway, was founded on December 22, 2006, with an area of ​​highlands and mountains that are very charming, there are several other fascinating places such as the valleys of Ynglesdalen, Lengjedalen, SÃ¥tedalen and the Vargebreen glacier.

2. Jotunheimen National Park

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Jotunheimen National Park which consists of 250 mountains with a height of 2000 meters, this Norwegian Tourist Place offers beautiful natural scenery at its peak, there are also various activities that you can do such as cycling, hiking, and skiing, there are also rivers and waterfalls that cool.

In this national park there are several beautiful places, such as the eternal ice of the Jostedalsbreen glacier, the calming waters of the Sognefjord, the green slopes of Gudbrandsdalen, and the charming Lom.

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3. Folgefonna National Park

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Folgefonna National Park is one of the Norwegian National Parks which has the third largest glacier in Norway, a glacier that has been officially opened since 1883, there are wild valleys, waterfalls, and rivers that flow quite fast. a meadow that will look stunning when it enters the summer.

Located on the southern coast of the Hardangerfjord, it will never end to satisfy visitors because it consists of three glaciers, Nordfonna, Midtfonna and Sørfonna. In addition, there are also several small glaciers in the vicinity.

4. Rondane National Park

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Rondane National Park which was founded on December 21, 1962 which makes it the oldest national park in Norway, tourists can see wild reindeer because this park is a habitat for these animals.

This place with stunning views is located in high mountains which has a very cool climate but tends to be arid, there are also White Birch trees and soil and rocks covered with moss.

5. Jostedalsbreen National Park

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Founded in 1991, the park has the largest glacier in mainland Europe. This national park is so amazing and amazing. Rocky gray mountains whose peaks are covered in snow complete the path between the clear blue sky and the crystal clear water below. Lush green valleys and shimmering sun-covered mountain peaks add beautiful color to this beautiful landscape we already have. The endless array of stunning views that is something you will see when you go hiking in this place.

This is information that discusses 5 of the most beautiful national parks in Norway. We hope that this information can be used as a consideration for your trip, hopefully it will be useful and happy holidays!

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