10 most peaceful countries for travel in the world in 2021

Of course, everyone wants a safe and comfortable place to travel. This is so that nothing bad happens to us and our families.

On this occasion, vacations will discuss the 10 most peaceful and safe countries in the world according to the Global peace index.

1. Iceland

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The first position is occupied by Iceland as the safest country in the world with an index score of 1.185. Iceland is an island country on the European continent adjacent to England. You can enjoy winter tours in Iceland with temperatures up to 0°c.

2. Denmark

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The second position is occupied by Denmark with an index score of 1,265. Denmark is a country on the European continent. Denmark has typical European architecture that is very beautiful in each city. You can visit Denmark and can do a river tour around the city.

3. New Zealand

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The third position is occupied by New Zealand with an index score of 1,306. New Zealand is located in Oceania. One of New Zealand's favorite places is Hobbiton The Movie Set, which was used in the making of The Lord of The Rings.

4. Norway

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The fourth position is occupied by Norway with an index score of 1,348. Norway is located on the European continent and is bordered by Sweden and Finland. Norway has sky tours that you can try.

5. Austria

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Austria is in the fifth position with an index score of 1,361. Austria is located in central Europe so this country does not have a sea area. Austria has an extraordinary architectural beauty. You can visit the Schönbrunn Palace which was the imperial residence in Austria.

6. Slovenia

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The sixth position is occupied by Slovenia with an index score of 1,382. Slovenia is bordered by Austria and Croatia, Slovenia is located in central Europe. You can travel to the Slovenian capital, Ljubljana to see the beauty of the city.

7. Japan

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The seventh position is occupied by Japan with an index score of 1,389. Japan is located on the continent of Asia and is bordered by China, South Korea, and Taiwan. Japan has a unique culture and has a friendly and polite society. You can see the beautiful cherry blossoms when traveling to Japan.

8. Qatar        

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Qatar is in the eighth position with an index score of 1.4. Qatar is a country in the middle east and is one of the richest countries. You can visit various famous museums while in Qatar.

9. Finland

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The ninth position is occupied by Findland with an index score of 1,407. Finland is a country in Europe that has a capital city called Helsinki. Finland is known for winter tours such as skiing and others.

10. Australia

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The tenh position is occupied by Australia with an index score of 1,470. When you visit Australia, you can visit the most popular place, namely the Sydney Opera House. In addition, you can see a typical Australian animal, namely the kangaroo.

This is information that discusses 10 most peaceful countries for travel in the world in 2021. We hope that this information can be used as a consideration for your trip, hopefully it will be useful and happy holidays!

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