10 Diving equipment and their functions

On this occasion, we will provide information about some equipment for diving and their functions. For those of you who are interested in traveling to a sea area and diving, you need to know some of the following diving equipment:

1. Diving Mask

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Diving mask serves to protect the eyes from irritation and help vision when diving.

2. Weight Belt

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When you dive, the density of seawater is greater than the density of humans. So we need a ballast so that we can dive, this tool is called a Weight Belt which is made of metal.

3. Wetsuit/Drysuit

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The use of Wetsuit/Drysuit depends on the location and temperature of the area where we want to dive. Wetsuit is used for warm waters because the wetsuit uses non-waterproof materials while the Drysuit is used for cold waters because the drysuit uses waterproof material to protect the body from the desired water temperature.

4. Diving Fins

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When we dive, we need a strong urge to move. Diving Fins help make it easier for divers to speed up movement while in the water.

5. Bouyancy Compensation Device (BCD)

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Bouyancy Compensation Device is diving equipment that serves to regulate the buoyancy of divers. Divers can increase and decrease this buoyancy through an airbag (bladder) on the BCD.

6. Dive computer

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Dive Computer is a clock-shaped device that functions to display several indicators such as air pressure, water depth, air pressure, and temperature. With this tool, a diver can find out how long he will last in the water.

7. Diving Torch Light

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When diving, the light, and visibility of the divers will decrease. Therefore, divers need a flashlight that is able to withstand a certain depth to help the vision of the divers.

8. Diving Gauges

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Diving Gauges are tools that display an indicator of the amount of oxygen in the oxygen cylinder. In addition, this tool displays several other indicators such as water depth, temperature, compass, and air pressure.

9. Diving Cylinder

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Diving oxygen cylinders have different sizes and capacities. Divers can adjust the use of the tube according to the depth of the location and the duration of the dive. This tube serves to provide oxygen to the divers.

10. Diving License

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To dive in a location, especially the ocean, we need a diving license. To get a Diving License we need diving training at certain institutions.

Those are some diving equipment and their functions. Hopefully, the information is useful. 

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