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Singapore is a country located in Southeast Asia. This country is directly adjacent to Indonesia and Malaysia. Singapore has the most iconic tourist destination, namely Universal Studios Singapore.

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Universal studio Singapore is an amusement park that contains various rides, photo spots, and various other entertainment facilities.

The most iconic place to take pictures is on a globe that says 'UNIVERSAL'. Lots of visitors take pictures at that place. On this occasion, we will discuss some of the interesting rides in this amusement park.

Universal studio Singapore is divided into several zones that contain an environment with different themes, so the location of the rides adjusts to the zone.


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The Madagascar zone has an atmosphere like the Madagascar cartoon, which is an adventure atmosphere. In the Madagascar zone, there are several interesting rides such as :

·        Madagascar: A Crate Adventure

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This vehicle is an adventure ride down the river by boat, this vehicle is an indoor ride.

·        King Julien’s Beach Party-Go-Round

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A merry-go-round, this ride is one of the best places to take pictures. Because this carousel has a unique design, there are various characters in the Madagascar cartoon.


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The lost world zone is a zone that has the theme of the Jurassic era, namely the era where dinosaurs lived. For those of you who have watched the Jurassic Park movie, you must be familiar with the atmosphere of this place.

This zone contains various rides such as:

·        Dino-Soarin

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On this vehicle, visitors can feel the ride of a giant dinosaur bird that surrounds the place.

·        Canopy Flyer

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This one vehicle is quite interesting, visitors can see the view from above through the Canopy Flyer ride. But don't worry, the universal studio is very concerned about the safety and security of visitors.

·        Amber Rock Climb

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For those of you who are used to climbing cliffs, this vehicle is perfect for you.


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Even though you are in Singapore, you can feel a new atmosphere like being in Hollywood. This zone contains miniatures from Hollywood.


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If you have ever watched the shrek cartoon, you must be familiar with the term 'far far away'. In the film shrek far far away is a job. So that the buildings in this zone adjust to the royal form in the shrek film.

The far far away zone has rides such as :

·        Puss In Boots ‘Giant Journey’

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This ride is a roller coaster ride located in the far far away zone. This ride has a picture of the cat character in the Shrek movie.

·        Enchanted Airways

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The unique thing about this roller coaster is the shape of the train that looks like a dragon in the Shrek movie. You can see the beauty of the palace building in the far far away zone through this roller coaster.


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The New York Zone has an atmosphere like a magnificent and modern new york city consisting of various buildings and rides. Lots of great spots to take pictures.


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SCI-FI city zone is the future zone at Universal Studios Singapore. Here we will feel the future and robotic-themed things because of the transformers.

In this zone, there are rides such as:

·        Battlestar Galactica: HUMAN vs CYLON

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It is the most extreme roller coaster ride in this zone. It takes a lot of courage to ride this ride because this ride has a fairly extreme pat.

·        TRANSFORMERS The Ride: The Ultimate 3D Battle

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For you fans of the Transformers movie. You must visit this vehicle because you will feel an extraordinary 3D journey.

·        Accelerator

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Get ready to feel dizzy! Let's try to increase the adrenaline in this ride. How strong are you?


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We can feel the atmosphere of being in Egypt in this zone. Because there are various rides and typical Egyptian building architecture.

In the Ancient Egypt zone there are several rides:

·        Treasure Hunters

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On this vehicle, we can go around the location to find a treasure. For those of you who have detective abilities, this vehicle is perfect for honing your skills.

·        Revenge of the Mummy

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You will be taken to a dark alley using a roller coaster and there will be some mummies there. Do you dare to try it?

Those are some of the zones and rides found at Universal Studios Singapore. Hopefully it can help those of you who want to travel to this place. Thank you and happy holidays!

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