5 Types of Mountain Shoes Based on the Climbing Terrain

To climb to the mountain you need a variety of equipment, one of which you have to pay attention to the use of shoes in climbing.

Shoes have different types that have different functions. Special shoes are used for mountain climbing, there are various types that are used for various terrains.

Therefore, for those of you who want to climb. You must know the type of shoe that suits the climbing terrain you are going to.

Here are the types of mountain shoes that you should know:

1. Mountaineering Shoes

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Mountaineering Boots are a type of shoe that is suitable for snowy mountainous areas. This is because this type of shoe can protect the feet from cold temperatures. Generally, the climbers who use these shoes, combine them with crampons.

Crampons are additional tools that are paired with working shoes to make it easier for climbers in snowy mountain areas.

2. Heavy Boots

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Heavy Boots are shoes that can be used in tough climbing terrain. For example for rocky climbing terrain. This is because these shoes have high foot cushions, are waterproof, anti-steam, and do not get wet easily.

3. Mid-Range Boots

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Mid-Weight Boots This type of shoe is suitable for use on terrain that is not too steep. Because it has a slightly high shoe cushion. If the climb is very steep, this shoe is not suitable for use, because the user will feel uncomfortable due to a lack of flexibility.

4. Hiking Shoes

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This type of shoe is suitable for climbing terrain with sloping paths. Because these shoes are designed to be used on terrain that is not too heavy.

These shoes are made of several materials, generally using nylon, leather, suede. The design model of this shoe provides protection to the user's ankle.

5. Trail Running Shoes

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Trail Running Shoes is a type of shoe that is used for climbing with short routes and has an easy terrain to pass. In addition, this type of shoe is comfortable to use in daily activities.

Those are some types of shoes used for mountain climbing. Hopefully, this information can help you to prepare shoes that are suitable for the climbing terrain. Happy Holidays!

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